Food & Beverage

Our in house Food and Beverage team as well our catering partners have specially crafted a menu that combines traditionally loved local fare as well as Japanese inspired bento meals. We aim to deliver a fuss-free dining experience that would compliment any meeting or event.


To order food and beverages, please complete this   and forward it to



Price MYR 25 /pax

We offer carefully put together halal bento meals that cater to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Our standard bento are priced at MYR25 per bento. 

Fried Chicken

  • Fried Boneless Chicken
  • Sweet & Sour Asam Prawn
  • Home-made Potato Cake
  • Scrambled Egg
  • Fried Broccoli & Cauliflower
  • Cherry Tomatoes

Marinated Chicken

  • Marinated Chicken Breast
  • Sambal Prawn
  • Fried Home-made Chicken Balls
  • Mayonnaise Omelette
  • Fried Broccoli & Cauliflower
  • Cherry Tomatoes


Soy Duck (Vegetarian)

  • Sweet & Spicy Soy Duck Slice
  • Marmite Sauce Soy Chicken
  • Vegetarian Curry Puff
  • Fried Broccoli & Cauliflower
  • Cherry Tomatoes

Soy Satay Chicken (Vegetarian)

  • Skewed Soy Satay Chicken
  • Sweet & Spicy Duck Cube
  • Home-made Potato Cake
  • Fried Broccoli & Cauliflower
  • Cherry Tomatoes



Light Bites

Price MYR 5 /pax

We also offer a range of light bites such as sandwiches, pastries as well as tarts. 


Please choose three items from the following selection:

  • Banana Cake
  • Marble Cake
  • Cheese Tart
  • Egg Tart
  • Portuguese Egg Tart
  • Chocolate Roll
  • Tuna Sandwich
  • Egg Sandwich
  • Curry Chicken Puff





We also offer a selection of beverages such as coffee, tea and canned drinks. Canned drink starts at MYR2.20 per can, coffee and tea are priced at MYR48 for 3 litres (serves 20 5oz cups).



Coffee & Tea

Coffee 3L/pot MYR 48
Tea 3L/pot MYR 48




Coke per can MYR 2.20
Coke Light per can MYR 2.20
Lemon Tea per can MYR 2.20
Aquarius per can MYR 2.20